Mateja Jezdić is an independent musician, composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Niš, Serbia. His musical talent stems from a lineage of musicians in his family. His grandfather was a jazz trumpeter, and his father played keyboards in a renowned Serbian band. Mateja exhibited a keen interest in music from an early age, starting his musical journey on a toy drum set he received on his 4th birthday. After getting his first real drum set and honing his skills over the years, he auditioned for the first season of Serbia’s Got Talent in 2009, showcasing his drumming abilities and earning a place as a finalist on the show.

During this time, Mateja also attended a year of music school to study piano, though he ultimately chose to explore a diverse range of musical instruments independently. He taught himself to play electric and classical guitar, bass, and even some traditional Serbian woodwind instruments.

His start as a recording artist began around the 2020 lockdown, providing him with the opportunity to write, record, and produce his debut album, “Time Station,” in his home studio. Mateja’s musical style blends various genres, with a primary focus on Alt Pop while incorporating elements of Jazz, Funk, and Electronic music. Following the success of his debut, he released his second album, “Reset,” in June 2023, showcasing his versatility across different genres and grooves.

Mateja documented the recording process of “Reset,” featuring 14 guest musicians, in a behind-the-scenes documentary released on his YouTube channel alongside the album. In August 2023, he had the privilege of performing his original music live with his backing band on the main stage of the Nišville International Jazz Festival, garnering praise and positive reviews from the audience. The live concert was subsequently released as an album on all music streaming platforms.

Currently, Mateja is collaborating with his band on new material for his upcoming third album. While maintaining his signature Alt Pop sound, this album promises to explore innovative musical avenues, expanding Mateja’s artistic journey into uncharted territories.