Mateja Jezdić releases his second studio album – Pressing Magazine

Date: AUG 4, 2023

“Mateja Jezdić, a young multi-instrumentalist from Niš independently released his second studio album titled „Reset”, with 12 original songs. He and his band are set to perform the new material on this year’s Nišville, on August the 13th on the main stage.

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Young musician from Niš releases his debut album – Niške vesti

Date: DEC 16, 2021

Talented young musician from Niš recently released his debut album Time Station with 14 original songs with English lyrics, which he recorded and produced himself.

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Young musician from Niš releases his debut album – Youth Vibes

Date: DEC 14, 2021

“Mateja Jezdić, a young talented musician from Niš, recently released his first album called Time Station with as many as 14 songs. It is interesting that Mateja played all 7 instruments that we have the opportunity to hear on the album completely by himself. He also arranged the songs himself, recorded all the instruments, lead and backing vocals and produced his first album himself.”

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Young Mateja’s drum show – Blic

Date: DEC 28, 2009

“Mateja Jezdić, a 9-year-old drummer from Niš, showcased his exceptional skills on the latest semi-final episode of Serbia’s Got Talent this past Saturday evening. The judges’ votes secured his place in the finale, which will be broadcast on TV Pink tonight at 9 PM.”

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